Commonly Asked Questions


How should I use the prop assigned to me in my film?

The prop does NOT have to be focus of film, but must make an appearance. If the prop is an animate object, like an animal, a fake animal or a picture of the prop may be used instead.

My school isn't on the list of eligible participants this year, can I still apply for the scholarship?

Unfortunately not. The scholarship aims to expand, so please fill out a form on the “Contact” section of the scholarship website to have your High School considered for future years.

How many scholarships are awarded each year?

At least 3. The Carson Cummings film scholarship committee selects first, second, and third place winners based on their short film and interview. Scholarship amounts have varied over the years, but are currently $7500 for first place, $5000 for second, and $2500 for third. The scholarship committee reserves the right to award a 4th place scholarship if desired. The committee has awarded a 4th scholarship more often than not, but it is not guaranteed.

How can I spend my scholarship money?

The scholarship funds must be transferred directly to your College/University.

How are the films judged?

The Carson Cummings Film Scholarship Committee judges films based on technical talent, content, and creativity. Each committee member votes on their top films to determine who will be interviewed. The committee then reaches a consensus on the winning films and awards scholarships accordingly.

How are funds raised for the Carson Cummings Film Scholarship?

Two ways. The first is through generous private donations. In addition, the Carson Cummings Foundation hosts the Annual Carson Cummings Invitational golf tournament, which benefits not only the scholarship but also the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA). Please check the Carson Cummings Foundation website for information on this year’s Carson Cummings Invitational golf tournament. Big thanks to Carson Cummings Foundation President Britt Fisher for organizing the Annual Carson Cummings Invitational! None of this would be possible without the participation of the 100+ golfers who compete in the tournament; thank you for your generous involvement and support of the Carson Cummings Film Scholarship.

Do I have to be involved in my school’s film program to apply for the scholarship?

No. The scholarship is open to all graduating seniors at the schools specified in this year’s scholarship guidelines. If you missed the Scholarship Committee's visit to your school, and need a prop and line of dialogue assigned to you, please use the "Contact" section of this website.

Do I have to select "film" as a college major, or career choice,  to win this scholarship?

Not at all! We select our winners based on the films they submit. Many of our winners have selected alternative career paths/collehe majors: Architecture, Veterinary School, Business, Graphic Design, to name a few. We do NOT give favor to students who plan on majoring in Film.

Can I use music?

Yes, but cite author/musician in credits.

Do we have to include film credits?

Yes, unless you did everything yourself, give your actors and helpers credit. Also give credit for any music used.

Can I submit multiple films? Can I submit a film as a group of 2 or more?

No, one film per person. Utilizing your friends/others to help you with your film is common and encouraged, but only the submitter of the film is eligible to win a scholarship.

Since Carson made comedies, do I have to submit a comedy?

No. Comedy is not easy for most, and we understand this. Many of our past winners’ films would not be considered comedy. Focus more on telling a story in a way that shows us your passion for filmmaking. If comedy is a strength, go for it.

What file format should I use for my film?

All films must be submitted in MP4 format. If for some reason this is not possible, please use the contact form on this site and explain why, but STILL SUBMIT YOUR FILM.